Bat Speed + Barrel = MoonShot

Introducing MoonShot.

01. Built to Last

MoonShot’s patented rugged design, handcrafted USA assembly and smooth powder coated finish have been battle tested under the toughest conditions time and time again… it will continue to perform for you season after season.

02. Hand Eye Coordination

Hitting the ball on the handle of the bat does nothing for you as a hitter. When you hit BP with MoonShot you will quickly condition yourself to this as the ball fizzles out when you hit it here… if you even make contact!

03. The Barrel

Getting the barrel on the ball is critical to go from ordinary to outstanding; balls will jump off this barrel in BP and in other drills. You will feel the difference when you are ripping the ball instead of just making contact.


Why MoonShot?

It’s shocking to see the percentage of hitters (at all levels) who step into the box that are so drastically overpowered and easily blown away by average pitching. Hitters are simply not able to catch up with pitches or when they do the results are weak with ground balls and pop-ups that pose no challenge for a defense.

In the Bluegrass of Kentucky, a solution to finally put hitters in command was born in the development of MoonShot. With practical improvement in mind, it is designed to build strength, increase bat speed and

enable you to hit with purpose each time you come to the plate. This becomes achievable by specifically improving three critical hitting elements within your game – increasing bat speed, using your body’s strength head to toe and hitting the ball on the barrel. Confidence is key to a hitter’s execution and when you step into the box during a game after working with MoonShot, there will be no doubt!

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Practice to Win

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MoonShot Drives Performance

Hit More Effectively

MoonShot allows you to step into the box and focus more on driving the ball against any type of pitching rather than just trying to make contact. Its weight will require you to use your legs and core to turn through the ball.

Increase Bat Speed

Your bat will feel light as a feather after using MoonShot and hitting will take on a whole new meaning when it’s “Go Time” - you’ll know it and your confidence will soar!

Performance Improvement

Put it to use anytime, anywhere! Hit live pitching with it in batting practice, soft toss, tee work, in the on deck circle… it’s unlimited uses are great before, during and after all games and practices.

Battle Tested

MoonShot is designed to deliver a pounding and keep on performing. It is made of the highest quality grade of materials, which are finished to perfection and then hand assembled one bat at a time. It will give you years of use under the toughest conditions, it will not wear out!