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MoonShot is a one of a kind, patented product, unlike anything else you have seen or used. This unique baseball training bat will give you immediate bat speed improvement and confidence when stepping up to the plate. MoonShot should be included in all of your baseball workouts. Coaches this will ensure that you have the best in baseball training equipment for your team when they are preparing for the big game. 

Your confidence and performance will improve dramatically as a hitter, especially in the toughest game situations. It only takes a few swings each time, try it once and see for yourself - you will reach for it every time you are in the on deck circle.

Suitable for ages 7 and up. MoonShot comes in 3 lengths and weights. Contact us if you have any questions regarding which size would work best for you.

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"Warming up with MoonShot makes my bat feel like a feather"
Tom S - FL
"MoonShot's helped tremendously with our soft toss drill work"
Bob D - IN
"Hitting batting practice with it is fun and helps me so much with my normal bat"
Drew D - OH
"3 or 4 swings throughout the course of a game are all it takes"
Kevin C - AR
"It is built to last for a long, long time"
Joe M - TN
"Everyone on my softball team started using it while on deck right away"
Nora S - IN
"I always make sure to have it in my bat bag for all the games and practices"
Teddy S - KY
"MoonShot's really easy to get used to using MoonShot in practice drills and warming up during games"
Howard S - IN
"My hands have become so much stronger and much faster to the ball"
Sam S - GA

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